Your wedding deserves the best. And, that starts with the video service you choose. Sure, Uncle Henry can bring his camcorder to videotape the big day. But, will you be able to see the ceremony in the reduced light? And, how will you feel about that wobbling on the video when he gets so excited during the "I do's" that he drops the camera and all you see are the shoes of the person sitting in front of him?

About the Video Camera

Prescott Video Services uses a special 3-CCD low-light video camera. To contrast, consumer camcorders hoave only one CCD. What's the difference?

These 3-CCD chips ensure better quality and color. It's not as grainy, and low-light situations aren't a problem. Of course, we always use a professional tripod to make sure everything is steady and level.

About the Video

We know where to stand for the best shots. And, we've done this so many times, we're probably very familiar with your location. Does your church have lots of stained glass windows? No problem. Is that garden setting full of shadows? We can handle that.

Not only that, we always use two video cameras during the ceremony, so that we make sure not to miss a thing. And when we edit the footage, we blend the two views together so artfully that you'll think the ceremony is happening all over again!

About the DVD

Not only will we videotape the wedding and reception for you, we also include a choice of photo montages. Maybe you want to collect photos of the bride and groom growing up, and create a "Growing Up" montage to show at the reception. Or, maybe you want to wait, and get still images of the wedding and reception and receive a montage of that instead. It's your choice, and it's part of the service we provide.

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